Central Illinois Polymer Clay Guild

This month's Guild Spotlight is on the local guild of one of our board members, Cat Therien. She started the CIPCG in 2003 to provide an opportunity for her students and other polymer clay enthusiasts from the local area to get together and share their art with one another. They currently meet monthly at the Hobby Lobby classroom in Peoria, Illinois.

Called "Clay Days," the meetings open with a 2-hour paid class taught by the current president, Pam Miller. The class is optional, though most members do attend. The class then rolls into the guild meeting, which is very casual and unstructured. Guild meetings are free and open to the public. Even curious shoppers who stick their heads into the classroom are invited to come in and see what the group is doing.

cipcgGuild members typically bring a pot-luck lunch to share, as the meetings begin just after the lunch hour and can last well into the early evening. Members are usually busily chatting and cranking away on their pasta machines, working on the project they began in the class, trying a project they saw in a book, or working on unfinished items. Most of the members have known each other for many years and are very comfortable helping one another with ideas and suggestions for their projects. They are also eager to introduce people to polymer clay, and often invite their friends or coworkers to a guild meeting.

The CIPCG has had two retreats for their members, the first in 2006, and the second in 2007. These all-day events were filled with member demonstrations, goodie bags, show and tell, class projects, and of course food! They joke that there is always too much food! They do plan on having another retreat in the future and building on the success of the previous events.

The CIPCG now has a website and also a Facebook page. Feel free to visit their online locations and let them know you were there. They invite you to join them for a Clay Day if you are ever in the Peoria area.

Next month's Guild Spotlight will be on the new Phillipines Guild.


Pam enjoys a quick snack during a meeting.