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Interviews with polymer clay artists, both established and up & coming.

I Heart Polymer Clay: Elissa Powell

elissahearts3Elissa Powell is best known for her “Elissahearts” – cheerful, brightly colored polymer clay hearts made with a wide variety of surface techniques, like the “Mosaic Cane”. Elissa shared those techniques through her free tutorials, which are still available today at the PC Polyzine and Polymer Clay Central websites. In so doing, she passed on a love for softly rounded hearts covered in a “Chrysanthemum Cane”, a look which became synonymous with her name.

When asked what motivated her to choose a heart over other shapes, she replied, “There's  their versatility, sensuous simplicity, yet endless variability -  but primarily, it's their universal message. My mother loved and collected hearts, and apparently I've inherited that passion from her, though I've taken it to a greater extreme!” Elissa published a great tutorial for making beautifully shaped, symmetrical hearts in her “E-Z Heart Lesson”.

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Maria Alexandrou

I grew up in Cyprus and went to a Biochemists school in Greece. I also studied at an Art School. For the past 12 years, I have taught at the Adults Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Nicosia.

I was introduced to polymer clay 23 years ago. Since then my passion grew and in 1999 I started teaching it in small groups. I also teach Stained glass, mosaics, glass engraving, and lots of crafts and jewelry. I teach wire jewelry and am a member of the International wire Juried Artists. I became an instructor of silver art clay in Cyprus. Usually, I have around 200 students per week.  

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Featured Artist ~ Desiree McCrorey

podapendantsm.jpgIf you have been working with polymer clay for any length of time, you are most likely aware that our community has its own Michelangelo…an artist who is also a scientist at heart.  You may have posted questions on forums that she answered, or you may have visited her website for tutorials and information.  Or perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to take a workshop with her.  Either way, Desiree McCrorey has proved herself to be not only an artist and inventor, but also one willing to share her knowledge.


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Who Made Them Rules

04watersplash.jpgA wise man said “a rule obeyed is an opportunity missed.” When it comes to his work creating polymer products, Tony Aquino misses very few opportunities.

With more than 30 years of experience designing products for the arts and crafts field, Aquino is currently Technical Director for Van Aken International – a major supplier of polymer clay products. He compares the process of developing new colors and textures to fine cuisine. “If you want to create exactly the same dish, you need to follow the recipe, the rules, exactly. But if you want something fresh, something new, you’ve got to trust your instincts. As that great philosopher/chef Emeril Lagasse once said, ‘Who made them rules?’

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Heather Campbell

HeatherCampbellHeather Campbell considers her work “an extension of life experience, designed with complexity while remaining beautifully simple.” Using polymer clay as a unifying element in her work she stretches the boundaries of both the polymer clay and mixed media genres to merge the best of both. She refers to her style as Bohemian Nouveau, combining the “Free spirited” characteristics of the Bohemian lifestyle with the free flowing decorative motifs of the Art Nouveau movement. While creating herself or teaching others she emphasizes imagination and self expression.

“The creation process is personal to every Artist, from their unique vision of the world to the actual materials they choose to express themselves.” Heather Campbell lives with her husband in a late 1800’s Victorian home along the Logan River in Cache Valley Utah. The Purple Door studio is located in the old summer kitchen that is separate from the main house which is near the river that runs through her back yard. In this lovely setting, she feels” lucky to have such a wonderful space to inspire me as I practice my art.”

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"For Love and Money" by Maureen Carlson

walking_txt.jpgDo you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing when it comes to how you spend your creative time? I do. Still. Always. Except when I'm immersed in the actual act of making art. Then, what I'm doing at that exact moment seems to me to be the perfect, right and only thing to be doing.

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Robert Dancik's Polymer Palette

dancik_small.jpg As he teaches, Robert Dancik’s ocean blue eyes dance among his students’ works. These are the eyes of a seasoned navigator looking ahead at what is to come for his art. And whatever it will be it is sure to include whimsy, imagination and mastery of his materials.

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