The Unveiling of 'Polymer Art Archive'

michelangelo-creazione-di-adamo.jpgOils, watercolors, fibers, glass, metals…these art mediums have long and distinguished histories that have been documented over the centuries.  Polymer as an art medium may be in its infancy when compared to others, but that doesn’t make its history any less interesting to those of us passionate about its use.


So it was a treat and a pleasure to learn of the recently unveiled Polymer Art Archive, a site which chronicles a great deal of that history. Recognizing that “the medium of polymer would mature into a respected art form”, artist Elise Winters has devoted years to collecting a library of slide images and memorabilia that document the work of early ‘polymer pioneers’…those artists whose experimentation, creativity and vision have in turn birthed new generations of polymer artists.


In 2000, Elise was granted the freedom to shape the NPCG Conference Exhibition, and she believes that "the Board's faith in my vision allowed our committee to begin the serious research on our medium's history.  And this new site is an outgrowth of that effort."


Elises' hope is that this site will not only provide facts and information about polymer, but also foster “a greater understanding about the origins and relationships that have generated wonderful polymer art in our time”. Aided by contributions from other polymer artists including Jamey D. Allen, Kathleen Dustin, Lindly Haunani, Victoria Hughes and Nan Roche, Elise has enriched the polymer community with this source of education and history.


PHOTO:  'The Creation' by Michelangelo