Euro Clay Carnival

The ECC was held in Bad Homburg, Germany in October this year.

With just over 60 participants from 13 different countries and 5 international teachers this was the biggest event we have held so far. It was definitely the highlight of our clay year in Germany and all of us where so much looking forward to it! The most important part was, of course, the workshops taught by Leslie Blackford, Donna Kato, Eva Ehmeier, Ulrike Schaffrath and Bettina Welker, but there was so much more happening and going on. One of the challenges was to get all the different nationalities and languages (!) working together. With three groups, one international and two with the German speakers this challenge was handled very elegantly. We had all of the evening activities translated and the classes where taught in German and English respectively.

The first evening was reserved for our tiny bowl swap, and an overwhelming number of tiny bowls exchanged owners and you could hear "ohs" and "ahs" everywhere. After that of course every one wanted to know who made which bowls and this was a wonderful way to break the ice and get everyone talking and socialising.

On the second evening we had a lottery of sponsored prizes, and as we have done for years now, our much wanted first prize: the bead strand of the workshop!  With a workshop this big, the strand was really long and to see so many different beads together is just something very special! The bead strand this year was won by Carmen from Romania. The celebrations and talking that evening went well into the tiny hours and some of us where a little tired in the morning for the Sunday class.

After lunch it was already time for good bye and I think most of us wished the time would not have flew by so quickly. The expectations where not too high and fulfilled completely and I am sure most of the participants can't wait for the next event to take place. 

If you like to have a look at some picture from the ECC, please check out our album here: